Charles Darwin og homøopati

Til tross for Darwins personlige erfaringer og positive opplevelser som homøopatisk pasient, har han aldri erkjent dette offentlig. Og til tross for hans egne eksperimenter med planter i homøopatiske doser, har han aldri brukt ordet «homøopatisk» i sine offentlige skrifter. Darwin skal allikevel ha uttrykt takknemlighet for bidrag til vitenskapen som homøopater har stått for.

Dana Ulman – NCBI [oktober 2009]
The Curious Case of Charles Darwin and Homeopathy
In 1849, Charles Darwin was so ill that he was unable to work one out of every 3 days, and after having various troubling symptoms for 2–12 years, he wrote to a friend that he was ‘going the way of all flesh’. He sought treatment from Dr James Manby Gully, a medical doctor who used water cure and homeopathic medicines. Despite being highly skeptical of these treatments, he experienced a dramatic improvement in his health, though some of his digestive and skin symptoms returned various times in his life.